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Surely the finishing touch to your own garment are clothing labels. To ensure that your designed garment stays beautiful for a long time, it is important to inform the buyer about the washing instructions by means of care labels.

The usefulness of care labels

Washing instructions are important to include when selling a garment. This has an impact on the life of the product. When the product is washed at too high a temperature it can shrink, or the color fades quickly causing the quality to plummet.

When these examples occur, the customer will not be satisfied with the garment. This will create an unpleasant situation. In addition, the garment will have to be replaced, which is a waste of the materials already used. Providing washing instructions by means of care labels is a small effort but essential.

The use of other clothing labels can also be important within the sale of your products. You can use clothing labels and hang tags to inform the customer about the product, the size and your brand. But the use of labels is also an excellent way to distinguish your brand from many competitors.

When designing labels, you can let your own creativity run wild. You can create unique labels that stand out, or use your own logo. This will increase brand awareness.

Custom clothing labels by Super Label Store

We can help you design and produce clothing labels. Ranging from custom woven labels, hanging labels, care labels or other labels that meet your needs and expectations

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