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You shouldn’t think about it: ants in the house. Or cockroaches. Some even suffer from rats. You get the shivers down your body when you find pests in your home or at your office. Yet it is common. You can then do two things: either you attack the bugs yourself, or you leave the pest control to professionals. But when do you leave the control to professionals and when can you tackle it yourself?

Fight pests yourself
Pest control is quite a broad term. In the sense of: one type of pest is not the other. In many cases you could easily solve it yourself. A few ants in the house and a bait box and you have solved the problem yourself fairly quickly. But when the ants bring several conspecifics, that becomes a different story. And you also often have to deal with pest control agents that you get from the store and who work little or not at all.

Do you still want to fight the ants, cockroaches, rats or other pests yourself? Then you can use:

Powder, foam or granules
Bait boxes or traps
Sprays against pests
Powder, foam or granules contain poison. As soon as the pest comes into contact with this, it will die. But for that you have to spray or sprinkle the pesticide at the accommodations, walking routes or nesting places.

With bait boxes or traps you can catch the pests both dead and alive. You use bait for that. By placing the traps in strategic places you can ensure that the pests themselves are trapped.

Finally, you can use sprays as a pest repellant. This also contains poison. You do not have to spray the pests yourself, but you do have to spray the places where it comes. Pay special attention to the seams and cracks where pests such as cockroaches can enter your house or building.

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